What is Makers & Moguls?

Build the life you deserve with the best community on Earth.

The whole point of being a maker is to have the freedom to create what you love and earn a living from it. And being a mogul means you are mastering it; you are the CEO of your brand building an empire around your body of work. And this is not done alone.

Makers and Moguls is both an online community and interactive video course series that teaches you what you need to know to build an online presence and create influence that drives brand awareness, traffic and sales.

Whether you’re just getting started out online with your brand or business, or you’re seasoned but ready for serious growth, Makers & Moguls will provide the kind of atmosphere you need to impact your business, become more profitable and have more freedom in the process to live the life of your choosing.


Who We Are

Founders & Creators

We hustle. We build companies and our craft, while surrounding ourselves with some of the most amazing people on the planet. However, because you should know who’s behind this, here’s who we are:

How it works

The Basics

We are way outside of the box thinkers and doers. We are also very different than most online communities . . . and probably many offline as well. Mostly because we help others do what we already do for ourselves. No theory here.

Training Videos: You cannot get to the destination without the right transportation. We provide you with videos, documents, case studies, interviews, social media experts, and FREE live monthly webinar sessions around all things digital (from building your email list and creating a podcast, to growing your social media accounts and creating courses and eCommerce platforms). In other words, we’ve got you covered.

Private Membership Group: Real makers and moguls are hustling and collaboration makes everything possible. Some of us have millions of followers and subscribers and others are just starting. It’s not where you’re at, but who’s helping you get to where you want to go. And if you’re just starting, wouldn’t it be nice to have others not only teach you, but PROMOTE you? This is where real growth happens. Of course, by connecting, we all share additional tools, resources, strategies and tactics, as well as compare what works and what doesn’t. This cuts down your learning curve and expedites your growth!

Get Access: Makers & Moguls also includes private invite only Skype video chats and webinars with hand selected experts that will answer questions and accelerate your biz.

As a member of Makers & Moguls you have full access to everything ongoing!

For more information on Accelerate Your Brand, go to the Program Tour here.

The Goods

  • Private access community
  • Network of creators, founders, CEO’s, bloggers, business owners, media companies, personal brands, startups & more
  • Lifetime access to Accelerate Your Brand Webinar
  • Over 35 videos and counting to help you with growth
  • Resources to help you grow
  • Free live monthly trainings in e-commerce, email marketing, social media, content, digital marketing, personal branding, building courses, monetization & more
  • Get published to over 400K unique monthly visitors
  • Get promoted to a network of over 12 Million people

Who Should Join Makers & Moguls?

If you want to learn how to use authentically grow your business or brand online to gain more influence, drive more visitors, convert more customers and achieve more success, then Makers & Moguls is for you. Since it’s inception, we have found our members to fall into any one of these 3 categories:

Leon Lush

Driven Starters Who Are Ready To Execute

You’re a Driven-Starter who has seen others who are crushing it online which allows them to live a profitable and fulfilling lifestyle around their passions. You are not sure where the best place to start is. You feel overwhelmed and a little lost. Makers & Moguls is “the fast pass” that will show you exactly what you need to grow your online business. Plus we have a community of people to support and help you along the way.

Untitled design (3)

Bloggers & Influencers Looking to Monetize Their Engagement

You are a Committed Influencer (Or Hustler) who has built an online presence but is ready to escape your 9-to-5 so that you can turn your side hustle into your full time gig. You’re not sure what the next best move is when it comes to monetizing your online business so that you have more freedom to create the lifestyle that you want. Makers & Moguls will help you determine how to start making more money so you can do want you love full-time.


Brands & Small Businesses Who Want to Grow Their Online Presence & Sales

You have a Successful Small Business, either online or offline products and services, as well as a presence on the web, but you are ready to scale your reach to even more highly targeted customers and subscribers. You’re not sure how to scale and are unsure if you’re using the most efficient and effective processes. Makers & Moguls will teach you how to get more engagement, higher conversions and more sales so you can grow your business online, while creating more freedom for your life.

Some serious makers

A Few Creators Making Moves Inside the Community

Next Steps

Step 1

Attend the webinar

If you are a Creator, Hustler, Doer or Founder and you’re looking to:

  • Grow your brand, blog, business, or social media
  • Drive a lot of traffic & engagement
  • Need a power network of creators, founders & resources
  • Need shouts & promos
  • Need access to a market of over 12MM people

And are tired of bullshit communities with disengaged founders 

Step 2

Download our manifesto

As creators, founders, movers & doers, we abide by a written code; a hustlers’ code. Download our manifesto, read, sign it and put it up on your wall to remind you that your goals are the single most important focus.

Step 3

Go Sign up for the community below


Build the life you deserve with the best community on earth.